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Jinfeng, 15
Coral Secondary
Ain't someone you can bully.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Now at ZhiXiang house Webcam with Shaun:)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Thanks Shaun:D
You are my best brother:)

Hello People:)

I am back, Ytd morning meet Shaun and Jiahong den Sam , Darren , Andy came. Slack at 100plus play blackjeck every beg $10 sia! Dam stress , Sam Win the most la! Around like 70plus. After that bused to Ehub for our lunch den after go play arcade awhile meet Sam friend. After that went to 5th flour slack. Andy 6 plus go liao cause need to go dinner with parents. Den we continue slack awhile more den when to under block slack continue our blackjeck. Around 8 plus Andy come find us den after that around 10 plus all went home left me and Jiahong. We cabbed to Nataile house there meet her cause very long nvr meet her liao. Slack at her house there awhile den went to Ehub. Slack there den Nataile went for movie with his friend Limyi den me and jiahong eat Mc and watch WorldCup while waiting for her. Her movie end den come find us slack until 7 plus den went home with Jiahong.